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“My firm employed David Henshaw to help navigate a complex legal situation. We are almost and year in and Dave has been responsive and helpful to no end. His charges have been more than fair. I’ve now referred friends to Dave and they have been just as impressed.”

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“A competent, honest attorney that understands that his client is the most important person.

I was in a very complex financial situation due to an illness. I spoke with one of his staff who set up an appointment. The meeting exceeded my expectations as he was very frank and gave me factual and relevant guidance.

His office is state of the art, using the latest in technologies to research and file necessary papers. His level of expertise was very apparent when I finally had my day in court. All paperwork had been submitted correctly and in a timely matter. Other attorneys during that day had issues in that area.”


“Finally an honest attorney. I had a complicated legal issue involving business, and family.

The case had gone on for a long time and I had gotten very discouraged. I had spoken and interviewed many lawyers, most were more concerned about possibility of large settlement and how quickly we could setter than were concerned about details of the case.

David is extremely different. His staff is positive, he is knowledgeable, fair, and most of all extremely competent. His rates were very affordable, and he was able to take on my case and treat it as if it were the only case he was working on.”

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San Jose

Personal Injury

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Legal matters can arise at any point in life. From an unexpected personal injury accident to the unfair treatment at the workplace, there are many reasons you might find yourself searching for a lawyer in the San Jose area. When you do, Henshaw Law Office is here for you. We have the resources, knowledge, and experience to masterfully handle any legal issue you experience.”

What Our Firm Can Do for You

David Henshaw is a top-tier attorney with experience handling a variety of practice areas. Our office strives to be the only legal team our clients will ever need, covering legal matters such as personal injuries, wrongful death, employment disputes, car accidents, bankruptcy, and much more. Our team takes an analytical approach to each case. We will address your specific legal concerns and make the decisions that are best for your unique situation.

We offer personalized legal services, not a “one size fits all” solution. This lets us fight for the best possible outcomes in your particular case. We can handle breach of contract lawsuits, commercial law, wills and trusts, probate court, defective product cases, negligence lawsuits, and personal injury claims in the Bay Area. Whether someone is suing you or you want to pursue a lawsuit yourself, our experienced San Jose attorneys can help you make the decisions necessary to protect your future. We are here to act as your confidant and legal guide during this difficult and stressful time.

Why choose our firm?

Why Choose Henshaw Law Office

Henshaw Law Office truly cares about each and every client that comes to us for help. We are very responsive to clients and other parties involved in cases, including opposing attorneys.

When something bad happens, or someone is in need of legal counsel, prospective clients can contact us to schedule free consultations. During a consultation, clients typically talk directly with David, not paralegals or legal assistants. Our attorney knows how the law works. He is the professional that will counsel clients. Our goal is to provide answers and hope when both are lacking in our clients’ lives. At Henshaw Law Office, we have a history of not just settling cases, but also taking cases to trial when necessary. David Henshaw has represented clients in both California and federal courtrooms with great success. We are not afraid to aggressively litigate matters. Our team handles the trial process from beginning to end. This includes trial preparation, motion filing, discovery, jury selection, and witness preparation. The entire time, legal communications stay between the client and attorney – not other staff members. You will always be our top priority.

Should You Contact an Attorney After a Personal Injury in San Jose?

After a personal injury accident in San Jose or the San Francisco Bay Area, a San Jose personal injury attorney can be your guide and confidant. The right law firm can give you immediate consolation and peace of mind. When you call Henshaw Law Office, you will speak with a legal professional who honestly cares about your present and future. You will get to tell your story to an experienced San Jose personal injury lawyer, and hear your potential legal actions and rights. If we think you have the elements of a personal injury claim, we can help you take the first steps toward compensation.

You may be able to recover the costs of losses such as:

  • Past, present, and future medical expenses. All medical costs associated with your injuries, including hospital bills, ambulance fees, x-rays and tests, surgeries, prescriptions, therapy, rehabilitation, medical devices/equipment, live-in care, and the costs to modify your home or vehicle due to a disability.
  • Property damage. Receive financial compensation to repair or replace damaged property, including your vehicle, items that were in your vehicle, damage to your home or business, or a totaled bicycle or motorcycle.
  • Lost wages. You often have to miss days at work after a personal injury, for doctor’s appointments, recovery, procedures, trial, etc. A personal injury lawsuit can reimburse you for wages you miss during this time, as well as missed workplace opportunities such as raises and promotions, and lost earning capacity in the event of permanent disability.
  • Pain and suffering. You can also fight for compensation for non-economic losses, such as the physical pain and emotional suffering you experienced because of the accident. This includes mental anguish, psychological damage, trauma, pain, and chronic or future pain and suffering.

A good San Jose personal injury lawyer knows how to accurately calculate your damages and argue for maximum compensation during settlement negotiations or at trial in front of a judge and jury. The greater your losses, the greater the potential for recovery. Do not underestimate the value of your case. Speak to the San Jose injury attorney at Henshaw Law Office to evaluate your claim and start the recovery process.

Personal Injury Laws in California

Each state has different personal injury laws. These laws may include requirements for lawsuit filing, time limits, damage caps, and other stipulations. It is important to retain a law firm with years of experience handling personal injury cases in your state for a seamless legal process. Retaining a personal injury firm in the local San Jose area will work in your favor, as the injury lawyers will know the judges and courtrooms from personal experience.

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While each and every client has a unique set of problems, we are confident that we have the expertise to resolve your legal issues.

Some of the most important personal injury laws to know in California are as follows:

  • Elements for filing. In general, you need four main elements to have grounds for a personal injury claim in California. First, that a duty existed between the two parties. Second, that the defendant (responsible party) breached this duty. Third, that the defendant’s breach of duty was the proximate cause of the accident. Fourth, that the injured party sustained real damages as a result of the breach of duty.
  • Time limits for filing. Every state has “statutes of limitations,” or deadlines, for filing different types of tort claims. In California, a party has two years from the date the injury occurred to bring a personal injury claim. If a party does not discover injuries until after the accident (e.g., a concussion that doesn’t show symptoms until a week after a sports accident), the clock does not start ticking until the date of discovery. If the claim is against a government entity, the injured party only has six months to file the claim. There are exceptions to the rules. Speak to a San Jose personal injury lawyer right away to avoid missing a deadline.
  • Shared fault laws. California allows two or more parties to share fault for an accident. This means that even if the plaintiff is partially at fault for the injuries that form the basis of the claim, he or she may still be eligible for compensation. The courts will reduce the amount of compensation by the plaintiff’s percentage of fault. California is a “pure comparative negligence” state, meaning a plaintiff can be any percent at fault and still qualify for compensation. Do not assume you do not have grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit because you may have contributed to your injuries. Talk to a qualified San Jose personal injury attorney.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Personal Injury Case in San Jose

Personal injury does not only mean physical injuries. There are many types of negligence torts that can apply to accidents in California. For example, intentional torts deal with damages that an individual or entity purposely inflicts on another party, such as violent attacks or homicide. Strict liability torts deal with claims such as dangerous/defective products or dog bites. It is important to retain a firm that can handle all types of torts in California, such as Henshaw Law Office. For a free case evaluation with our team of experienced San Jose personal injury attorneys, call (408) 599-1305 or contact us online today.

Why choose our firm?
Why choose our firm?
Supportive David Henshaw is the primary contact for current and potential clients. He is the one that has the knowledge on how the law works. David is the one dealing with the judges and juries, not paralegals, not legal assistants.
Responsive We are responsive to our clients, as well as others in our cases, including opposing attorneys. We answer phone calls, emails, and other communications quickly.
Tenacity We have a history of not just settling matters, but also taking cases to trial in both federal and California courts. We are not afraid to litigate matters, and go through trial preparation, including motion filing, discovery, picking juries, and preparing the witnesses for testimony.