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San Jose Sexual Abuse Attorney

Sexual abuse can describe any type of unwanted sexual contact or behavior from one individual to another. Sexual abuse can refer to a single act, but it most often describes an ongoing situation. Child sexual abuse can include direct sexual contact, as well as asking the child to perform sexual acts, displaying pornography to the child, or using the child to create child pornography. If you believe you, your child, or someone you love has been the victim of sexual abuse in San Jose, don’t hesitate to contact Henshaw Law Office. We can help you explore your opportunities for aggressive legal action against the perpetrator.

Signs of Child Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse can go on for much too long before someone close to the victim finally notices, or the victim decides to come forward. In the most tragic cases, sexual abuse can culminate in suicide. Learning the most common signs of sexual abuse, especially in children, can be critical in recognizing and preventing this crime. Signs may include:

The presence of just one of these signs may not mean sexual abuse, but multiple signs could give you a warning of abuse. If you recognize signs, talk to the child about possible abuse. Ways of going about this conversation will depend on the age of the child. Report the alleged crime to the authorities, letting your child know you’re telling someone who can help. Afterward, contact our law firm.

Seeking Damages for Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is a crime. As such, you might think that the only applicable legal action is criminal prosecution of the perpetrator. Many people don’t realize that they can also seek damage recovery from the perpetrator and/or other parties after a sexual abuse case. Damage recovery is a civil action that the injured party must file. A parent may file on behalf of a sexually abused child. A criminal case won’t result in payment for your losses, but a personal injury claim could. You could recover for:

If the perpetrator was an employee of a company, school, or the government at the time of the abuse, the victim can most likely sue the employer for vicarious liability. Employers are liable for the actions and behaviors of on-duty staff members. This can result in greater compensation potential for victims and their families. A talk with a lawyer at Henshaw Law Office can help you understand the possible value of your sexual abuse claim. We know compensation won’t come close to making up the harms the abuse has caused, but it can safeguard your financial future. Call (408) 599-1305 today.