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San Jose Rollover Injury Lawyer

Vehicle rollovers are some of the most serious types of car accidents. They put drivers and passengers at great risk of injury. Rollovers account for the highest fatality rate (33%) of all types of crashes. A rollover occurs when a vehicle turns over onto its side, onto its roof, or rolls 360 degrees. If you or a loved one was recently injured in a rollover accident in the San Francisco Bay area, the car accident attorneys in San Jose at Henshaw Law Office want to investigate your case for potential negligence. You could be eligible for compensation if someone else was at fault for your accident.

Common Rollover Injury Accidents

Head/Brain Injury

When a vehicle rolls over or flips, the potential for head injuries is high. If the head strikes the windshield, side window, other passenger, or object in the roll, it can cause a serious head or brain injury. Head injuries can occur when the skull suffers damage, such as a bone fracture or puncture wound. Within the skull, the brain can bounce around and sustain damage. Head injuries in a rollover can result in traumatic brain injuries such as bleeding in the brain, swelling, or lack of blood or oxygen to the brain. Brain injuries can cause permanent physical and cognitive disabilities. To learn more about TBIs and your legal rights for pursuing a personal injury claim against negligent parties, visit our San Jose brain injury lawyers page.

Neck and Spinal Cord Injuries

The forces in a rollover crash can be too extreme for the spinal cord to withstand. If the spine sustains a fracture or other injury, it can cause permanent paralysis, or loss of movement and sensation in the affected area. There is currently no cure for paralysis. Less serious neck and back injuries, such as slipped spinal discs or ruptures, are still incredibly painful and can result in chronic pain and disability. Being tossed around the vehicle or ejected from the vehicle puts passengers at high risk of serious spine injuries.


Rollover accidents often trap occupants inside the vehicle. Occupants may be unconscious, trapped in seatbelts, or stuck in the vehicle because the doors are stuck shut. If the vehicle catches on fire in the crash, injuries can be catastrophic. Burns from rollover accidents can permanently maim victims, resulting in loss of a limb, scarring, and disfigurement. Burn injuries can affect a victim for the rest of his or her life – physically and psychologically. Burn victims often experience post-traumatic stress disorder and similar issues.


Amputations are somewhat common in rollover crashes due to the risk of limbs getting trapped or crushed as the vehicle turns. This is especially true if the windows are down and an arm or leg is outside of the vehicle at the time of the rollover. Limb amputation can prevent the victim from ever returning to his or her previous job. Amputations are catastrophic injuries that impact the victim for life.

Face Injuries

The roof is likely to collapse during rollover crashes, increasing the risk of head and face injuries. Cuts from broken glass and torn metal are common in rollovers. Facial injuries can result in permanent scarring, as well as the need for expensive reconstructive surgeries. Victims may never fully recover from rollover collisions.

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