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San Jose Pharmacy Error Attorney

The pharmacy is the last place one would expect human errors to impact patient health. After all, there are systems and regulations in place to minimize the risk of mistakes at dispensaries. Unfortunately, negligent individuals and entities put patients in unnecessary danger. Ignoring the rules, cutting corners to make a profit, or hiring negligent workers can all end in patient injuries, illness, or death. After a pharmacy misfill or other prescription error, retain an attorney in San Jose. You may have grounds to sue the responsible party.

Why Do Pharmacy Errors Occur?

Prescription errors can occur anywhere down the line, from the doctor writing the prescription to the pharmacy dispensing it. Pinpointing where the mistake occurred is one of the first steps in pursuing recovery through a personal injury claim. If you discover that the error occurred at the pharmacy where you picked up your prescription, you may have the right to sue the entire corporation. Common prescription errors at dispensaries include misreading the prescription, mixing up medications, improper labeling, and wrong dosage.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has federal laws in place to help prevent pharmacy misfills and related errors. There are guidelines the FDA has created in terms of packaging and labeling that pharmacies must obey. Pharmacies must report safety issues regarding medication packaging, such as labels that are not easily read. The FDA counts on pharmacies to report these issues so they can take action to fix them before patient harm occurs. If a pharmacy broke the FDA’s laws or otherwise acted outside of accepted industry standards, causing a prescription misfill and patient harm, it may be liable for damages that ensue.

When Should You Consider a Medical Error Lawsuit?

Suing your pharmacy and/or another party is a legal action that you may not want to deal with, especially if you or a loved one is trying to recover from injuries due to a prescription misfill. Luckily, the right team of attorneys can make the process as effortless as possible for you and your family. Henshaw Law Office has the resources and experience to take care of the legwork of your claim in San Jose or San Francisco. We will listen to your story, help you identify the responsible party or parties, file a claim within the deadline, and fight for the financial recovery you deserve. You could be eligible to recover damages such as:

There are many economic and non-economic damages that may be compensable after a pharmacy error. If a loved one died because of a pharmacy error, a family member may be able to collect compensation for the wrongful death. Every claim is unique, and will come with different levels of impact on the victim’s life. The best way to find out the potential value of your claim is through a consultation with Henshaw Law Office. We can calculate your losses and go up against pharmaceutical insurance companies and other major parties in pursuit of maximum compensation. Call (408) 599-1305 to learn more about your claim.