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San Jose Explosion Attorney

Explosions can easily prove fatal to victims. If someone does survive close proximity to an explosion, he or she will typically suffer severe burn injuries, lacerations, or amputations. Explosions can happen due to faulty appliances, poorly maintained electrical components, burst gas pipelines, overheated consumer products, fires, vehicle accidents, or at chemical plants and oil refineries. No matter the cause, let the San Jose personal injury attorneys at Henshaw Law Office help you investigate the explosion and potentially assign liability. Our goal is to help explosion victims by bringing the responsible parties to justice.

Your Resource for Explosion Injury Litigation

Henshaw Law Office lends the resources of a large firm, but the personal attention of a small firm, to explosion cases in the Bay Area. Our explosion injury lawyers in San Jose believe that explosions are always preventable. They do not arise from normal or safe use of a product or equipment. They stem from mistakes, catastrophes, and acts of negligence. We use our knowledge of the law and the tools at our disposal to get to the bottom of why an explosion occurred. Then we take steps toward a settlement or jury verdict for the victims. Legal action can provide important compensation for serious explosion-related injuries, such as:

Explosion Accidents at Work

If your explosion occurred while at work, there is the possibility of filing a workers’ compensation claim. This will, however, bar you from suing your employer, even if he or she was negligent in causing the incident. It will also result in only partial wage reimbursement, as well as no compensation for non-economic damages. Talk to our experienced personal injury attorneys in San Jose and discuss all your options before deciding how to file. If you have the elements of a personal injury or wrongful death claim, we may recommend going this route instead of workers’ compensation. If someone other than your employer caused the explosion, the law could entitle you to recovery through both outlets. Call (408) 599-1305 or contact us online to speak with an experienced attorney.