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San Jose Construction Accident Attorney

Construction sites are some of the most dangerous workplaces in the State of California. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), construction is the country’s deadliest industry in terms of worker fatalities. The innate risks of a construction site do not make injuries and fatal accidents inevitable, however.

There are steps employers can take to help prevent serious accidents. Failure to take these actions, resulting in worker harm or death, may make the employer or another party liable for damages. For cases concerning construction worker injuries or the death of a loved one, come to the San Jose construction accident lawyers at Henshaw Law Office in for counsel.

5 Most Common (And Preventable) Construction Site Accidents

Most construction site accidents are preventable. In most cases, there was something someone could have done somewhere along the line that would have stopped the incident from occurring. It is possible to predict and prevent construction site accidents with due care and safety. It is when employers, product manufacturers, and third parties act negligently that mishaps occur. Below are the five most common preventable causes of accidents in the industry:

  1. Transportation accidents. Highway collisions and vehicle-related accidents are the leading cause of construction worker death. Employers should properly train equipment operators, maintain vehicles, and make sure operators are not intoxicated on the job. Workers should never stand too close to vehicles, or stand between two vehicles.
  2. Falls. Falls are the second leading cause of death for construction workers, accounting for 38.8% of all industry fatalities in 2015. Falls from rooftops, ladders, and scaffolds are most common. Improper use of equipment and lack of personal fall protection can contribute to preventable fall incidents.
  3. Struck-by objects. Debris, tools, materials, and equipment striking workers are the third-leading cause of death in the construction industry. In 2015, 90 U.S. workers died from something striking them. Head and brain injuries are the most common in these accidents. Use of appropriate helmets and object securement measures can help prevent these accidents.
  4. Electrocutions. Construction workers have to work with and near electrical components such as power tools and electric lines all the time. This puts them at high risk of electrical accidents and related injuries. Workers should never drive lifts beneath power lines, and should only handle electrical equipment with proper training and gear.
  5. Caught in or between equipment. Working around heavy machinery poses daily risks to workers. Even the most prudent employee, however, can sustain catastrophic injuries when a piece of equipment malfunctions or doesn’t have a proper guard. These incidents can lead to traumatic amputations, crush injuries, and death.

Construction sites are already dangerous by nature. When negligence makes them even more so, it can be impossible for workers to avoid injuries. Injured workers may have to live with the impacts of a construction site accident for the rest of their lives. If you think someone else, such as your employer, a coworker, or a product manufacturer, contributed to you or a loved one’s recent construction site injuries, contact us. We can review your claim for free in San Jose, and potentially help you hold someone accountable.