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Client Testimonials

“Tough situations are never fun but you can count on Henshaw & Henry to ease the process!

I can’t stress how much Henshaw & Henry has helped me through my difficult time! I would go through it again, without fear, as long as Henshaw & Henry is on my side!

After being turned down by five law firms, Henshaw & Henry accepted my case with confidence and assertiveness. I had the pleasure to work with Timothy D. Henry, who was very professional, clear, patient, resourceful, and knowledgeable. This in turn, gave me peace of mind and assurance.”

D.R. - Past Client
“Finally an honest attorney. I had a complicated legal issue involving business, and family.

The case had gone on for a long time and I had gotten very discouraged. I had spoken and interviewed many lawyers, most were more concerned about possibility of large settlement and how quickly we could setter than were concerned about details of the case.

David is extremely different. His staff is positive, he is knowledgeable, fair, and most of all extremely competent. His rates were very affordable, and he was able to take on my case and treat it as if it were the only case he was working on.”

“So David has been helping me out with a case for the last year.

He is a really easy going down to earth guy and that just makes it much easier to relate to him. I spoke with about 5 other attorney’s before I found David. Once I spoke to him on the phone, I knew I found the right person

He has been thorough and professional the entire time. He is experienced and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him. The entire staff at his office is great to work with as well.”

“A competent, honest attorney that understands that his client is the most important person.

I was in a very complex financial situation due to an illness. I spoke with one of his staff who set up an appointment. The meeting exceeded my expectations as he was very frank and gave me factual and relevant guidance. His office is state of the art, using the latest in technologies to research and file necessary papers. His level of expertise was very apparent when I finally had my day in court. All paperwork had been submitted correctly and in a timely matter. Other attorney’s during that day had issues in that area.”

“Mr. Henshaw was STELLAR in providing me information on whether or not bankruptcy was the right move for me to make.

I found his law office on yelp (which has 2 hidden reviews by the way – you have to make an additional click on the page to read them). This was my first encounter/consult with a lawyer re: this matter and so I was a bit apprehensive, however Mr. Henshaw was truly professional, thorough, and honest. Despite the fact that I ended up not requiring his services (which he recommended based on my situation and after my consultation), I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his law office to other folks in need of his services as he definitely is a great and honest resource.”

“I am a retired CPA and have worked in litigation support throughout my career with many law firms.

I have nothing to say but EXCELLENCE with the Henshaw & Henry law firm; THE BEST OF THE BEST. From top down, David Henshaw, Ji Kim (associate attorney), Kate Ibarra (legal staff) are very knowledgeable, professional, timely, and courteous.

David Henshaw knows how to win without the theatrics many attorneys use in court. He is knowledgeable, professional, and courteous…gets his legal position across to the Judge with much respect.