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San Jose Broken Bone Lawyer

Bone fractures are common injuries that arise out of accidents. It is almost impossible to refute the existence of a broken bone. Unlike soft tissue injuries, a bone fracture shows on scans and x-rays. It is unlikely for a medical professional to misinterpret a scan of a broken bone. In general, it is easy to predict the value of a broken bone claim, and to pursue compensation. If you recently fractured a bone in a slip and fall, vehicle, workplace, or other accident, the dedicated personal injury lawyers at Henshaw Law Office invite you to call us. We can help negotiate a fair settlement or jury verdict for your broken bone and other damages in San Jose.

What to Do If You’ve Broken a Bone

You slipped on a freshly waxed floor at your local grocery store and fell hard on your wrist. You’re in a lot of pain and your wrist is starting to swell. What do you do? The actions you take after any type of accident can help lay the groundwork for the rest of your personal injury claim. First, report the accident to a manager or property owner. If you suffered a broken bone in a car crash, call 911. Say that you have an injury, and ask to file an official report.

Take photographs or record a detailed description of the location of your accident and your injuries. Gather information such as the names and contact information of anyone involved and eyewitnesses. Get medical care for your broken wrist right away. Explain what happened to the doctor. You will receive x-rays or other medical imaging to diagnosis the fracture. Keep copies of all of your medical records, documents, scans, and bills.

If an insurance company contacts you to try to offer a settlement for your injury, refrain from accepting or recording a statement until you’ve talked to an attorney. Insurance companies often offer less than a claim is actually worth in an effort to save money. A conversation with a lawyer at Henshaw Law Office can open your eyes to the compensation award you deserve. Our attorneys can take over communications with insurance companies so you can focus on healing.

When to Call a Lawyer for a Broken Bone

Not every bone fracture will be grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. There must be negligence involved in the accident for a lawsuit to ensue. When in doubt, however, contact our lawyers. We offer free consultations where an attorney will listen to how you broke your bone and let you know if he or she thinks your case has merit in court. If we do think you have grounds to sue, we will handle all the paperwork on your behalf.

Our team can carry your case from the initial claim filing to the final settlement agreement or jury verdict. Our trial-tested lawyers have what it takes to maximize your compensation. It can be easy to calculate the economic losses of a broken bone injury, but the non-economic losses like pain and suffering are negotiable. A good lawyer can help prove pain and suffering damages in front of a jury. For information on your specific case, call (408) 599-1305 to schedule an appointment in San Jose.