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April 2019

What Is Litigation in a Personal Injury Case?

|  Posted on April 29, 2019  |  in Uncategorized
In a personal injury case, litigation refers to the process of taking legal action. Litigation encompasses a few different procedures required to resolve a lawsuit: the discovery phase, filing motions, hiring expert witnesses, hearings, and the personal injury trial. Litigation is not the same as the lawsuit. The lawsuit is the civil dispute between the victim and the at-fault party, while litigation refers to the processes the lawsuit goes through after the victim files. How Common Is Litigation? Litigation is not necessary in most personal injury cases. The vast majority of civil cases reach successful resolutions without going to court. Pre-trial proceedings are faster and cheaper than taking a case to trial. Most personal injury lawyers can negotiate satisfactory settlements...
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California Subrogation Laws

|  Posted on April 22, 2019  |  in Uncategorized
Many accidents result in medical expenses for the victim. In most cases, the victim will need to pay for medical treatment long before he or she receives a settlement from the at-fault party. It could take months or a year to receive financial compensation from a defendant. The hospital will demand payment for medical bills much sooner than this. The victim’s insurance company often pays the medical bills initially. Then, through California’s subrogation laws, the insurance company will recover the money it spent from the party that caused the injury. What Is the Subrogation Law? Subrogation refers to reimbursement. California subrogation law recognizes an insurance company’s right to receive reimbursement from the at-fault party for the amount it pays on...
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California Electric Bike Laws

|  Posted on April 15, 2019  |  in Uncategorized
Electric bicycles look like standard bicycles, except they have motors and batteries that propel them rather than pedals alone. Electric bikes allow riders to ride faster and longer without as much physical energy. Most electric bicycles use motors to augment the pedals, but some use motors exclusively. Our San Jose personal injury attorneys know obeying specific electric bike laws in California can help riders avoid accidents. It can also protect riders from legal trouble in the Bay Area. What Is an Electric Bike in California? In 2015, California updated its bicycle laws to accommodate electric bicycles. Assembly Bill 1096 defines an electric bicycle as a bike with fully operable pedals and an electric motor up to 750 watts. Three classes...
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Best Bay Area Nursing Homes 2018-2019

|  Posted on April 8, 2019  |  in Uncategorized
The nursing home you choose can determine the safety, well-being, and happiness of your loved one for the rest of his or her life. Nursing homes in the Bay Area can provide everything a senior citizen needs for a fun and fulfilling end of life…or they could pose threats through nursing home abuse or elder neglect. Use this list of the best Bay Area nursing homes 2018-2019 from U.S. News to have peace of mind about your decision. Methodology Behind the Ratings U.S. News analyzes a wealth of data from thousands of nursing homes around the country to create its annual best list. This data includes health inspection reports, nurse staffing, and many different medical quality measures. U.S. News evaluates...
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