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December 2018

Is It too Late to File a Lawsuit?

|  Posted on December 26, 2018  |  in Uncategorized
Anyone considering filing a civil claim against another party to pursue compensation needs to make sure their claim meets the applicable statute of limitations or time limit for taking legal action. Every state upholds statutes of limitations for different types of claims. To learn more about personal injury claims in California, speak to a personal injury attorney in San Jose. Determining the Statute of Limitations for Your Claim Generally, the statute of limitations for a personal injury lawsuit is two to four years. The date the injury occurred would be the starting date. Some states uphold separate statutes of limitations for different types of claims. Examples include medical malpractice claims, product liability claims, and toxic torts. Additionally, the exact statute...
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Holiday Season Safety

|  Posted on December 17, 2018  |  in Uncategorized
The holiday season is an enjoyable time of the year for many American families, but there are also significant safety risks that everyone should acknowledge for a safe and pleasant holiday season. A few best practices and safety tips from our San Jose personal injury lawyers can help protect you and your loved ones so you can enjoy the holidays to the fullest. Christmas Trees Many Americans decorate their homes with Christmas trees for the holidays that can pose significant fire risks. Real trees purchased from Christmas tree farms and nurseries may be beautiful and smell great, but they also pose a severe fire risk if they dry out. If you decide to purchase a real tree this year, make...
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Can You Sue a Company for Food Poisoning?

|  Posted on December 10, 2018  |  in Uncategorized
In November of 2018, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced a food safety alert for romaine lettuce grown in California. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has identified the source of an E. coli outbreak as growing sites in: Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Benito, Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Luis Obispo. If you have purchased any type of romaine lettuce or salad product that contains romaine from any of these places, or you cannot identify the origin, throw it away immediately. If you stored any type of romaine lettuce heads, hearts, salad mixes with romaine, baby romaine, spring mix, or any other potentially contaminated foods in your refrigerator, follow the CDC’s step-by-step guide to properly decontaminate your refrigerator....
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How Can I Preserve Evidence for a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

|  Posted on December 3, 2018  |  in Uncategorized
The moments following an accident are crucial for the safety of victims and the preservation of evidence – memories are fresh, witnesses are still in the area, and security cameras may be active. Though it can be difficult to consider this in the aftermath of an accident, our San Jose car accident attorneys recommend doing so to protect you in the future. Evidence from the Scene If you are not injured and can physically examine evidence at the scene of the accident, start by taking photographs of injuries, property damages, and the accident scene. Take pictures of the surroundings as well; this will help the court contextualize the scene of the accident. Having pictures of your fresh injuries will help...
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